Health, Tax and Social Security

Dernière mise à jour: 04.01.2012 // For enquiries relating to health, tax and social security issues, please contact the following offices.Remember that telephone numbers, addresses and opening hours may change.

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All enquiries relating to health – medical coverage, treatment, medicines, etc – as well as the European Health Card and E121, must be sent to HELFO, the Norwegian Health Economics Administration.


HELFO’s webpage:


Pensioners and others living abroad for longer periods will find useful information in the section “Helserettigheter ved opphold i utlandet”.


HELFO’s INTERNATIONAL section can be contacted on:

TEL.: (+47) 21 06 92 30

TELEFAX: (+47) 21 06 92 36


MAIL ADDRESS: Post box 6721 Etterstad, 0609 Oslo, Norvège




All enquiries relating to tax – tax deductions, tax payments, Norwegian withholding tax, etc – must be sent to the TAX OFFICE. It is the TAX OFFICE which is responsible for decisions relating to tax payments to Norway.

NAV receives instructions from the TAX OFFICE with regards to how much is to be deducted. NAV cannot change tax deductions. This is the responsibility of the TAX OFFICE.


TAX OFFICE’S webpage:


The TAX OFFICE can be contacted on:

TEL.: (+47) 22 07 70 00


MAIL ADDRESS: Skatt nord, Post Box 6310, 9293 Tromsø, Norvège


If you receive a letter from the TAX OFFICE and have questions about what is in the letter, contact the office from where the letter has been sent.



NAV – The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration/The National Insurance Scheme

All enquiries relating to NAV – membership in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, sickness benefits, pensions, child support, and other related areas – must be sent to NAV.


NAV is responsible for giving advice and information about rights and responsibilities in regards to benefits from the National Insurance Scheme. NAV is responsible for receiving and processing applications for benefits and for payments of the pension and other benefits in accordance with the rules and regulations.


All those who live in Norway should contact their local NAV office. Those who have moved from Norway can contact NAV International.


NAV’s webpage:


NAV INTERNATIONAL can be contacted on:

TEL.: (+47) 21 07 37 00

TELEFAX: (+47) 21 07 37 01


MAIL ADDRESS: Post box 8138 Dep., N-0033 Oslo, Norvège

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