Affaires consulaires

A legalization is a confirmation of a public official's signature on a document. The document must carry the institutions official stamp. Letter stamps are not accepted. En savoir plus

Please direct all requests regarding passports to the consular section at the Embassy (opening hours differs from that of the Embassy). If you plan a trip abroad, kindly check that everyone in your party have valid passports. If someone in the group does not have a valid passport, he or she must apply for a renewal well in advance of the trip. En savoir plus

Vous perdez la nationalité norvégienne lorsque vous obtenez une autre nationalité après en avoir fait la demande, ou lorsque vous avez explicitement consenti à obtenir l’autre nationalité (par exemple en introduisant une demande). En savoir plus

For enquiries relating to health, tax and social security issues, please contact the following offices.Remember that telephone numbers, addresses and opening hours may change. En savoir plus